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Easily create your own HMI's using XML
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Product Detail

Common Description

Easily create custom user interfaces for the KRC4 using a simple text editor, without need of knowledge of programming or expensive additional software.

By simple XML-files you can create fully integrated user interfaces in order to display and manipulate any KRL variables. For this purpose, you have a variety of controls available. These controls can be configured optionally in order to adjust the appearance of the interface according to your requirements. myHMI automatically takes over the representation of the layout and the look & feel.

You can define any number of HMIs (e.g. for the diagnosis or for the configuration of your technology) and make them accessible at different locations within the robot main menu.

The installation of the software is very easy. It is analogous to the installation of conventional KUKA software.

The creation of the menu entries in order to access the myHMI screens is very easy. A convenient menu assistant is included in the software for this purpose.

Currently available controls

Currently, the collection includes Picture, Switch, Button, Text field, Numeric input field, LED, Drop-down list, Slider, Progress bar, Labeling field and Headline....more controls come with future updates!

The controls are automatically displayed in tabular form with up to 3 columns on up to five tabs per HMI.


- User interface are defined via XML (using a text editor of your choice)
- Any number of HMI's can be created and called from the robot main menu
- the size of the display window can be semi-size or full-size
- all elements of the KUKA HMI remain fully operable
- Up to 5 tabs can be defined for each HMI
- Up to 32 controls can be defined for each tab
- Controls are displayed below each other in tabular form with up to 3 columns each row
- For numeric controls optionally value checking can be enabled
- Graphics can be dispayed statically and dynamically (controlled by KRL-variables)
- Single graphics can be overlaid dynamically to a total graphic
- Controls can dis- or enabled by specifying optional dependencies (actual user group, state of Submit and program, drives, deadman switch, operation mode and so on)
- All controls can be individually parameterized and thus influenced in appearance and function
- HMI and menu text can be shown multilingual using KXR files
- Operator entries are saved in the logbook
- Easy to install and uninstall by 'Additional Software' on the robot control menu
- menu asisstant to easily create then HMI menu entries

Scope of delivery of the technology package

- Setup for easy installation on the robot
- demo HMI as template for further HMI's
- menu assistant


One license is required per robot. We will be happy to provide you free trial licenses (useable for 14 days).

OfficeLite and OfficePC:
No license required. myHMI is fully functional on these systems.

Creating graphics

We are happy to assist you in creating professional graphics for your HMIs. Just contact us.


KSS 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6

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